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Welcome! I’m both happy and anxious to be a guest blogger on Brewed In Buffalo’s website. This blog is dedicated to cover the passion that is the craft beer movement and all of my adventures within it. Here’s a little bit of backstory about myself and why I started this amazing (and admittedly nerdy) journey:

  • A guy born and raise in Northern California but had the opportunity to go to college right outside of Chicago in Evanston, IL. It was during my 5 years there that I developed my love for the beer scene. I credit my passion for the craft to 2 things: My wife and Sketchbook Brewing in Evanston —
  1. My wife started it all by getting me my first home brew set back in 2014. I distinctly remember showing just A TINY BIT of interest in it but my wife must’ve seen something in my eyes, so she got me a set for Christmas. “Just try it, I think you’ll like it!” 4 years and a more complete home brew system later, I’m pretty sure she WOULD regret getting me that kit if it wasn’t for the gallons of beer I’ve made over the years. She continues to be my biggest supporter and I will always owe all of my craft beer heart (and the rest of my heart) to her.
  2. Sketchbook Brewing because they were the first craft brewery I ever went to. It was there that I got to post up on there (then) small taproom hidden in an alleyway a few blocks from our apartment. It was there that I had my first sip of a true, real, craft ale. One brewed with passion. I should know since I got to talk with the two brewers who created it. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. Hooked with both brewing and tasting as much craft beer as humanly possible and learning everything I can about this great industry.

Alright enough about the past. Let me explain why I’m doing what I’m doing now. Fast forward to 2016 when my wife and I decided to move back to California before the birth of our first son. I got a new job with a fairly large alcohol distribution company (still work there now). I was able to get trained up on the industry and complete some certification classes, and have some more lined up for the future. For the last 2 years I’ve had the amazing role of national travel to train people within my company as well as our wine and spirits suppliers. As I was traveling I got an idea – “WHY AM I NOT GOING TO THE BEST BREWERIES AROUND WHILE I’M IN THESE GREAT CITIES???”. I then coupled this thought with another: How about I keep track of the beer and places I go. And thus ‘The Traveler’s Beer Log’ was created. Started it January of 2018 and still going strong a year and a half later. Let me run my totals by you all so far:

2018 – Visited 64 different breweries in 14 different states and logged 309 different, distinct beers. 

2019 – As of July 19th I’ve visited 40 breweries (most in previously visited states but also in 4 new ones!) and logged 173 beers. 

I know what you may be asking at this point, “Why should I be reading this random, beer nerd’s blog?” Well, I am by no means a professional. Not a professional writer. Not a professional traveler. Definitely not a professional beer drinker. I do want to encourage more people to really sit down and enjoy the craft beer they drink. Think about how it was made. Think about why the brewer made it that way. What influenced them? What’s the story behind the brewery? All of that and more. I’m a guy who get’s to experience some really great places that craft some REALLY good beer. Want to check out the best craft spots in Little Rock? How about Seattle? Denver? Dallas? I’ve got you covered there as well as dozens of other cities. Not only that but I’ll post personal rankings about those breweries and each individual beer I try there. Oh there will also be pictures galore. Additionally, I’ll be writing about my home brew adventures as well. If you have that passion, or even just a spark of interest with craft beer and choose to read this blog then thank you! I also have an Instagram account @travelersbeerlog that will highlight all of my travels and delicious beer along the way. Give me a follow and let’s connect over the beautiful art of craft beer. 

 This is the Traveler’s Beer (B)Log. ** And don’t forget to check out all of the other great craft beer merch and info on Brewed In Buffalo’s site!

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